Environmentally Friendly, Sustainable, and Profitable Biomass

BioPower Operations Corporation is a pre-revenue, development stage company focused on (1) utilizing revolutionary, patented waste conversion technologies to convert waste into reusable products, and (2) we intend to grow biomass crops coupled with processing or conversion facilities to produce oils, biofuels, electricity and other biomass products. BioPower was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Biomass Conversion Technology

Patented technology that can produce ethanol, Class A fertilizer, animal feed and many derivative bio-based products from sugar wastes and the wastes from poultry, hogs and humans. The Company is focused on licensing its patented waste conversion technology which is a one-step platform that integrates enzymatic cleavage and a microbial fermentation process that requires no pretreatment of the feedstock before fermentation.
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Biomass Production

The Company is focused on establishing castor growing and milling operations. Castor oil is an in demand commodity produced mainly in India and used in many products including: Polyurethane, lubricants, food and food preservatives, traditional and holistic medicines. Industrial applications in transportation, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, polymer additives, and manufacturing industries as castor oil derivatives which serve as the raw material for the production of a number of chemicals.
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