Environmentally Friendly, Sustainable, and Profitable Wastes to Energy

BioPower Operations Corporation is a public company focused on converting wastes and biomass to valuable end products. Through its subsidiaries, BioPower intends to develop waste to energy projects and utilize revolutionary waste conversion technologies to convert wastes into energy and diesel fuel. BioPower was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


On October 24, 2014 BioPower acquired Green3Power Holdings Company (G3P), a gasification waste to energy and gasification advanced synthetic fuel production company.

Please see 8-K filed on October 30, 2014.


Wastes to Energy

G3P’s gasification technology can produce energy and diesel fuel from wastes trough a gasification process that is sustainable and environmentally friendly. Wastes that can be converted include Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) –Trash, Biomass Wastes – Trees, Shrubs, Organic Wastes – Food and Animal Wastes, Industrial Wastes – Industrial Oils and Industrial Process Wastes, Light Weight Construction and Demolition Waste, Used Tires, Sewage Sludge and Medical, Clinical, Biological and Pharmaceutical Wastes.

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Gasification is an Eco-friendly, sustainable solution to waste problems which reduces the use of Landfills and the use of Fossil Fuels for Electricity. Gasification is a Clean Alternative Energy exceeding EPA and Euro Community standards. Our dedicated team can design, procure, construct and intends to partially own, operate and maintain Gasification Waste to Energy power plants and Gasification Advanced Synthetic Fuel Production Facilities. Our unique thermal gasification technology is an upgrade to present gasification technology in use around the world for the last 40 years.

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