Our Business Model

Biomass Technologies

  • Initially target poultry producers, manufacturers producing sugar wastes, and municipal water and sewage treatment facilities for licensing and utilization of the Company’s waste conversion technology.
  • Use management’s key relationships with municipalities to introduce waste conversion technology to greatly reduce operating costs
  • To sub-license our licensed patented technology for the conversion of wastes into ethanol, class A fertilizer and other products to countries outside the U.S.A.


Reduces cost and increases profits for customers

Provides a viable source for ethanol

Eco-friendly, sustainable solution to waste problem

Market Opportunities

Proprietary patented technology

Large sewage sludge market with un-met demand

Huge global market for ethanol

Castor and growing operations

  • To build, own and operate or joint venture commercial castor growing and milling operations.
  • Secure financing to grow castor oil producing crop in central Florida, and construct a mill to process seeds to oil, positioning BioPower as a key U.S. supplier.
  • Explore expansion of this business model for operations in the Americas. Modeled returns on short-term plantation and mill are projected to exceed a 30% EBITDA (cash) ROI.
  • Minimize market risk by negotiating an off-take agreement with a major U.S. buyer and distributor of castor oil.


Stable castor supply in the U.S.

Strong return on investment

Market Opportunities

Advantage as one of the first growers in the U.S.

Numerous end-product applications

Growth potential