Our Company

BioPower is a clean alternative energy company with subsidiary companies specializing in solid waste management, and water and wastewater treatment. BioPower recently acquired Green3 Power Holdings Company, which is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of BioPower which converts wastes through a gasification process into electricity and advanced synthetic fuels. This acquisition fulfills a long road of testing different technologies for the conversion of biomass and wastes to electricity and synthetic fuels, and positions BioPower as a converter of waste-to-electricity through the environmentally sound and advanced thermal output gasification technology. BioPower gains a portfolio of potential gasification projects to be developed with revenues from EPC services on every project. Historically, G3P’s management team has provided engineering, procurement, construction (EPC) or management services in over 250 waste projects and has experience in planning, permitting and designing thermal plants up to 400MW. G3P has developed a strategic partnership with Vanderweil Engineers who has projects from planning and permitting through design, construction, startup and commissioning and has experience with thermal plants up to 540 MW and cogeneration to 50 MW since 1950.