About BioPower

About BioPower


BioPower Operations Corporation of Nevada, since January 2, 2011 has been focused on taking biomass and municipal solid waste and converting into products and energy. We have searched the world for the best technologies and engineers to accomplish the goal. We have previously acquired a waste conversion company and licensed or formed joint ventures trying many different solutions. We then developed a significant number of waste projects on a global basis. Three years ago we began to work with WPP Energy Hong Kong which had various green solutions for the conversion of waste. The waste industry is a multi-trillion industry and one of the biggest problems as our population grows.

WPP is interested in licensing to BioPower its energy and environmental technologies, for the purpose of BioPower becoming the manufacturer of the technology hardware, distributor and providing the necessary Operations and Maintenance as required.

WPP is also interested in licensing its Blockchain technology to BioPower and its subsidiaries deploying WPP TOKEN to restart the Entrade Exchanges, first introduced at Exelon in 1997 by Robert Kohn, President of WPP’s Green Energy Rebate Program.

WPP’s Blockchain technology will significantly enhance the capabilities of each exchange as it comes online.

The new Exchange(s) will use business know-how of on-line and off-line commercial trade desks and strategies that were developed at Entrade. The exchanges will license to governments and government agencies and major corporations to sell products and services to business-to-business and business-to-consumer markets across the globe. WPP intends for WPP Token to be accepted by these exchanges in the form of credit against purchases.

The Exchanges will draw upon the management teams business know-how of on-line and off-line commercial trade strategies to create transaction fee-based internet exchanges to sell products and services to business-to-business and business-to-consumer communities.

Specific Trade Desks will Connect Governments and Government Agencies, Global Corporations, Major and Mid – Size Companies to transactions for purchases or sale of: Products – Services – Commodities – Financial Services – Project Finance – Infrastructure Projects – Energy Projects and Investment.

An upcoming Energy Exchange will facilitate the trading of information and data for the purchase, sale and trading of electricity, oil, gas, biofuels, alternative energy, energy credits, energy projects, parts, machinery and equipment. The exchange intends to work with a Preferred Partner Network of vendors and suppliers. Our business model revenues are based on transaction fees for purchases and sales. The Exchange will also earn revenues from transaction related finder’s fees, referral fees, advertising fees and premium corporate fees. Members will also have the opportunity to earn income from finder’s fees and referral fees.

WPP also intends for the BioPower subsidiary to launch World Small Business for businesses with less than 100 employees across the Globe and Professionals. WPP Token will be accepted by this exchange for products and services used every day in small businesses such as office supplies, computer supplies, shipping, etc.

History and Background

From 1996-1999, at Exelon www.exeloncorp.com, one of the largest electric utilities in the United States, Robert Kohn started an Energy Exchange by building a Preferred Partner Network for the trading of electricity and other commodities, the buy, sell, and trading of products, services, utility parts, machinery and equipment and commercial real estate as a business unit of Exelon, called entrade.com which was sold to a NYSE company in 1999. He also formed a Joint Venture with Henry Butcher International and Michael Fox International to form assetrade.com which today is GoIndustry DoveBid at www.go-dove.com with 1200 employees in 21 countries. More joint ventures were formed with large corporations to facilitate the purchase, sale and trading of products and services.